Thursday, 8 January 2015

This Glorious Monster and other things update

So.. Long time no update. Lets do 2014...

Hat Trick Productions.
At the start of 2014 my sketch group THIS GLORIOUS MONSTER signed to HAT TRICK PRODUCTIONS. They are the guys behind Father Ted, Have I Got News For You, Facejacker, Outnumbered and much more.

It was a real honour to be snapped up by such a BIG production company. We are still relatively new to the comedy world. So it was awesome that they showed real faith in us.

Also this year we signed to United Agents. A wonderful Agency, one of the biggest in the UK. With the likes of Rob Brydon, James Cordan and Ricky Gervais on their books. We couldn't be happier with our new agent and the auditions and roles we have gained have been next level.

We put on 6 live shows last year at the comedy pub Leicester square. These included our usual 'Something Monstrous night. With acts like James Acaster, Nick Helm and Pat Cahill joint headlining. We also did an hour special and a christmas extravaganza.

We managed to sell out all the shows. Which was beyond our wildest dreams. So many mates supporting us, new face and a load of industry folk coming to see what we do for the first time. Which has been leading to lots of stuff for 2015.

We had a lot of back and fourth with BBC comedy about doing a sketch show pilot last year. Sadly this hasn't come off yet. But we have just been commissioned by the BBC to write the full pilot for a Radio Four sitcom. Which is a great start to 2015.

Outside the usual adverts and Voice overs I also shot a hour drama for Channel four and all member of THIS GLORIOUS MONSTER landed a role as Hugh Bonneville's Pirate men in ABC's new series Galavant.


So in 2015 we have the following.

Galavant airing.
Channel four drama airing.
Radio four pilot.
New sketches coming out very soon.
More filming of sketches.
Pitching a series of further ideas to Hat Trick and some smaller prod companies.
Something Theatrical. TGM putting on more long form theatre/plays.
and lots of the usual gigging auditioning writing and more writing.

So I'll leave you with a snippet of some of the things I have mentioned above as well as a couple of the best sketches we released this year.

Hope you are all well.

Martin This Glorious Monster.






Friday, 1 February 2013

So the Churchill Advert is finally out. I had the pleasure of working with Dominic Brigstock (Partridge and Green Wing) and of course Dawn French (Dawn and Frenchness). Anyway I had a blast! Here is the end product.

Monday, 7 January 2013

This Glorious Monster

Over the last two years I have been writing with my good friend Alex Finch. After Broken Biscuits came to an end we formed a new Sketch group. This Glorious Monster.

This Glorious Monster are: Alex myself, Adam Loxley and Daniel Hoffman-Gill (Who was my acting teacher for a little while and the guy who got me my agent) Approached by Director Stephen Pipe Alex and I wrote 4 sketches which Pipey filmed beautifully. The idea was to write a straighter sketch, A short film, a silly one and a monologue.

Really chuffed in how they have gone down. We are being funded by a couple of websites and Hat Trick to film some more in the new year. CLOWN: CULT: Good Cop Bad Cop BURGLAR We have also been writing for a kids show for Tiger Aspect. Hopefully that will get piloted soon. But a cracking 2012 work wise. P.s. This Glorious Monster shall be gigging live around London in 2013. Join the Facebook group.

Freesat Advert - Fun time with Ray.

Had the pleasure of working with Tom Tagholm at Blink Productions on this. Good old Blink.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Going up

A short film I shot that won "peoples choice" at the Reed Film Festival.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011