Monday, 7 January 2013

This Glorious Monster

Over the last two years I have been writing with my good friend Alex Finch. After Broken Biscuits came to an end we formed a new Sketch group. This Glorious Monster.

This Glorious Monster are: Alex myself, Adam Loxley and Daniel Hoffman-Gill (Who was my acting teacher for a little while and the guy who got me my agent) Approached by Director Stephen Pipe Alex and I wrote 4 sketches which Pipey filmed beautifully. The idea was to write a straighter sketch, A short film, a silly one and a monologue.

Really chuffed in how they have gone down. We are being funded by a couple of websites and Hat Trick to film some more in the new year. CLOWN: CULT: Good Cop Bad Cop BURGLAR We have also been writing for a kids show for Tiger Aspect. Hopefully that will get piloted soon. But a cracking 2012 work wise. P.s. This Glorious Monster shall be gigging live around London in 2013. Join the Facebook group.

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