Monday, 4 October 2010

BBC Big babies

BBC Series Big Babies. Here are some of my fave eps we did.

Search on line for more Big Babies here.


  1. Hey man,

    Just found your site from watching your best man speech on YouTube (my speech is two months away) and thought yours was great.

    It's a bit of a coincidence you're in Big Babies too, I work for a commercials production company and I was sent Jon Riches' showreel the other day and it had clips of Big Babies and was pissing myself in the office.

    Anyway, I keep a blog of drivel ( and am about to start stand up...any best man speech advice throw it my way!


  2. Hey Jamie.

    Good to here from you man. It is a small world huh. Yeah Jons great. Him and Spencer wrote Big babies. He's a great director.

    As for stand up. Sounds good. I keep meaning to do more myself. I must give my arse a kick.

    Bestman speech wise. I always think stories and props go down a storm. Nothing worse than hearing re hashed jokes.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Which advertising agency do you work for? I don't suppose your the jamie who does the spoken word stuff?

    If so liked it. If not errr.....


  3. Hey Martin,

    I didn't get a notification for your reply so mines a bit delayed!

    Thanks for the advice, just a few weeks away til' the speech, stag weekend next weekend, so let's see if he still want's to be mates after that..

    Yeah really small world, it's just odd that I got sent that showreel with you on it then found the youtube vid. I work for Gloss Media, we're a production company ( I'm not the Jamie who does the spoken word stuff - I'm quite willing to take the credit though.


  4. Ha! I think you would be good at spoken word innit!.

    All the best with the speech sir.

    Who knows our paths may cross work wise one day.

  5. Hi Martin, Big Babies has just been shown on tv over here (Australia) and my whole family just love it. Hilarious writing and pants-wettingly great acting. Hats off to all. Any chance of a second series? Pretty soon we will be able to repeat all episodes word for word.

  6. Hey Kerry.

    Thanks for your kind words. I shall pass on the complement to the writers as well. I'm not sure about series two yet. Get on to ABC3 The more demand the more likely we will get to do series 2.

    Peace out smelly melon.