Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sound session wrestle.

I have recently been doing a few jobs with the mighty Ben Wheatley (Director of the BBC show Ideal with that Jonny Vegas bloke)

One of these jobs was to do a sound session.

Sound sessions are slightly strange at the best of times. You enter the room as the actor. The man who is going to get the job done, bring life to the script. The scripts differ from straight acting, comedy, silly voices and even crazy random noises.

The studio has a large mixing desk with big screens all over the place, a humungous leather sofa with free chocs and fruit at arms length. NICE! Especially cos I well dig the taste of snickers and plums.

As you enter the room you are introduced to your employers; the clients, Director, Producer, Agencies and sound technician.

"Hello Martin nice to meet you"

"OOO YOU TOO" ( This is usually said in the same voice as meeting in laws. )

After all the formal meeting and greeting you are then shown into the sound booth. I can't help but think of some of the people who would have previously spoken into the mic I was about to use. Such greats as Stephen Fry & Paul Merton, for the direct line ad. Wow. It's now my time to shine.

"Ok Martin. If you would like to do a read of the script."

"Of course no problem"


Wahhaha haha ooo eeekk a meow, Oi oi.

Thanks Martin that was great.

All in a days work.

Whilst doing the sound session with Mr Wheatley I ended up in the booth having a wrestle with the agency producers. All this to get the sounds needed. Or so they told me.

I must admit I was worried about hurting the guy. His watch looked like it cost more than my soul.

So I let him win.



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