Sunday, 26 April 2009

The London Marathon

Today the lady and I went to see the all inspiring London Marathon. And ya know what? It was half interesting for about ten minutes.


I know I know this is harsh!

I know I know this is a great example of human achievement.

I know I know lots of people are running. I run! I just choose not to do it for very long.

All these kind of public events including marathons, fairgrounds, children in need and carboot sales seem to bring out the countrys biggest freaks. Now I'm not talking about the runners here. I'm talking about the weird people that stand on the side of the race clapping and shouting out random peoples names, or even attempting to give them a 'HIGH FIVE'.

Yeah a high five will make these last ten miles seem a hell of a lot easier.

Its actually not the clapping and shouts of encouragement that annoy me. I mean when my lady did the Nottingham half marathon I must admit I to shouted some support. "Hahaha go on Kate. Your head's red!"

There are just certain people who seem to compete with everyone else to be the loudest and most "MARATHON".

"Ooo look at me I know where Gordon Ramsay is."


THE WORST case with all this is the mighty morphing marathon family; a whole tribe of idiots addicted to out twatting each other.


"Look dad he's flagging let's shout his name 50 times and point out to the crowd that he's doing shite."


Rants done. There are some cool spotting games to play whilst watching the marathon. Here were some of my favourite spots.

- Man with hairiest back.


- Woman with biggest boobs with no sports bra. (Look out for the black eyes).

- Men with bleeding nipples. I call it the count Dracula's mum effect.

- Most unhealthy man amongst the actually decent runners. Otherwise known as least likely to finish.

- The wobbler. Ooops someone didn't take on enough fluid. Crash!


- Slight cramp boy. This can easily be confused with man who needs to wee.

- Biggest women pants. Running pants with half an arse out.

Here are some of my shots from the day:




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  1. I have to confess that the idea of watching people run past you for 4 hours does not appeal