Friday, 3 April 2009

Getting words wrong.

From time to time everyone gets their words mixed up a bit.

I possibly do more than most. Here are some of my classics.

"Ooo that stereo is TOP OF THE ART."
Meant to say: Top of the range / state of the art.

He doesn't know me from LARRY!!
REAL SAYING: I'm happy as Larry / He don't know me from Adam.

I also create and make up brand new words like....

A friend of mine though is the King of the slip ups.

Ladies and gentlemen Introducing Mr Steve Clarke.


What Steve said: "Don't Spoil My Thunder!"
What Steve Meant: Don't STEAL my thunder!

What Steve said: "Patience Comes To Those Who Wait"
What Steve Meant: Great things come to those who wait?

What Steve said: "...Sam and Dave...."
What Steve Meant: While talking about who performed a particular song....that would be CHAS and Dave!

What Steve said: "You'll Be Cutting It Thin!"
What Steve Meant: Cutting it FINE!
(Steve talking about Dicko travelling from Walsall to Nottingham in in 45 mins...shame Dicko NEVER made it!)

What Steve said: "He's A Bit Of A Wet Fish!"
What Steve Meant: He's a bit of a wet blanket/He's a bit wet behind the ears...??

What Steve said: "Woah! That leaves me with the wrong end of the straw!"
What Steve Meant: Woah! That leaves me with the wrong end of the STICK!

It's good to know that there are bigger idiots out there.

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