Monday, 2 March 2009

Holidays are COMING??!!

A friend of mine used to work as a travel agent. You know the type of thing these days. Rows of desks, a computer and a travel agent who has been to cyprus twice, therefore knows the world.

Meet Michael my travel agent mate.

Now Michael is one of my most towny mate. ( No offense Michael ) He's a very witty nice bloke but back then you wouldn't trust him near your mrs or your sister. You know the sort.

Its just a normal day for Michael at the travel agent. He's shuffling the books, making a nice neat pile. He's making a coffee for the girl in the office that he fancies, He's considering his next tattoo. All of a sudden in walks a very distinguished gentleman. " Hello sir are you 'ere to look at holidays?" Michael asks with his chimney sweep english. " Of course I am!: replies the slight snooty gent.

They go over to a free desk and begin to debate destinations. " Have you tried Ayia Nappa?" And so on.

The gent doesn't seem to turned on by Michael's booze cruise suggestions so he suggests somewhere more exotic and calming ,like the Maldives. PING!!!! Michael knows the Maldives. His more classy sister has been there before. I'll show this pompous git my travel agent skills. HA HA!

Spinning his computer screen around Michael suggests they google search the maldives. And in particular the capital of the maldives, MALE ( note this usually has one of those hat things on it, to make it sound like marley ). The slightly snobbish gent stares at the screen whilst Michael types Male into google images. He hits return, and yes you guessed it, this comes up in the gents face.


And probably not for the first time.

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  1. Ha ha ha come on Martin.. I am not towny and you can trust me with your wife and your sisters....I think now I am a bit classier than Rach ha ha... and I still do work in a Travel Agent , so do you want an holiday to Malia or Ibiza let me know mate ill sort you out with a bit of discount ...xx