Monday, 30 March 2009

Holidaying with the wife.

Having asked a few friends about their holidays alone with the wife I have reached these conclusions.

Women seem very happy for it to be just the two of you going away, lying on a beach for the entire time trying to get some colour into your blue blotchy skin, I sometimes wonder if women actually enjoy the holiday itself. All that sunbathing, turning over back and forth and putting on endless amounts of sun cream is not my idea of a holiday. To me it sounds more like a hospital visit to remove haemorroids. ON YOUR FRONT MR COLLINS!

It seems to me that a holiday for the female species is much like an MOT for a car. It disappears for a few days and then suddenly returns, looking better than ever but making you skint in the process! Then after a few weeks it starts to fade and return to the vehicle you were used to driving before. Ahem.

Men on the other hand seem to need a lot more entertainment. And a holiday with just their loved one can be a little boring after a day or two. This is why games like beach tennis (big bats and spongey ball), snorkelling and crazy golf were invented.

The only problem with going on holiday just as a couple means you don't have an equally skilled activities buddy. Waiting whilst Kate is on her 50th shot is about as dull as sunbathing on the beach!

A video of Kate trying her best to keep me amused. (Apologies that the vid is side on).

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