Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Eye could be Mental

I am slowly turning into a james bond bad guy!

I have had a slight twitch in my eye for about two weeks now, and It is driving me potty!! To give you some idea as to how it feels. Its kinda makes me imagine its what a baby kicking inside a woman's womb would feel like, but worse of course, Hmmm I hope I'm not birthing a new eye. That would be annoying. I mean what if it turns out its not mine and my eye has been cheating on me. I better keep an eye out for that.

My eye is making me look like a psychotic serial killer! "I don't want to harm you but I'd just love to see what it's like to wear your face." You know the sort.

It also reminds me of the baddy in the pink panther films Dreyfus.

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