Monday, 16 February 2009

Tonight is my first stand up night!

Ever since a very young age I have considered myself to be a fairly funny lad.

I guess this helps if you wish to pursue a career in comedy. Ever since I can remember I have done little sketches at school and on friends' cameras. Heres one of the earliest I could find.

So tonight I break my duck and attempt my first live comedy performance. Spencer and I are doing a few sketches with others and I'm doing a bit on my own. I am slightly shitting it. My own bit is very random and involves me pretending the crowd ( if there is one ) is actually there for a ghost walk. I then tell some very daft ghost stories and leave the stage!

Oh how I hope this works.

I shall make sure I update the blog tomorrow to tell you all how it went. AHHhhhhhhhh.

Oh sod it. I'm sure it will be fine.


  1. Oh my goodness, that clip is brilliant! Good luck for tonight, you will be superb!

  2. go martin! go go go! i saw your best man speech and could tell you would be a good stand up.

    just keep doing stuff, even if it doesn't go well. doesn't matter if it goes great or even if you bomb. or if you bomb on your 4th or 5th performance. just go! go! go!