Thursday, 26 February 2009

Stand up gig 2

My oh my. The venue was probably bigger than the first gig, but there was only a handful of people in there. No mates nobody there to help and support me apart from my lady.

It was a really tough experience but I think it still went well. At first the crowd had no idea what I was doing. Doing a comedy character act pretending to think that everyone there has actually come for my ghost walk did leave people looking very confused. But after a little while they seemed to settle in and start to enjoy it. Thank GOD!

I think I learnt a lot more from last night, possibly more than the previous successful gig. It would be so easy to just crumble and sod it off. But sod that! If you think something is funny and worthy of attention that really is all that matters. The promoter was a top bloke and does a much bigger night with pro acts. This seems to be his way of spotting and supporting up and coming comedy. So fair play to him, top man.

Its a tough game this comedy but when its good its really good, I do have a taste for it now big or small gig.

Come see us at 100 club! Broken Biscuits sketch show. 7th March.

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