Saturday, 14 February 2009

Beating siblings.

I saw a video the other day and it really reminded me of how competitive me and my siblings were as kids. I still believe that Stephen would find more joy in beating me at something than any other person in the world. In fact if Stephen me and Usain Bolt had a 100m metre race and Stephen weirdly won, I don't think he would bat an eyelid at beating the world record holder. Oh no! He would be straight over to me shouting "In your face!"

As you can imagine growing up with three siblings meant that winning at anything was the greatest of achievements. Winning meant that you could swan around the house with a big smug smile on your face. Winning meant whenever you felt like it you could say. "I am the best I WON!!"

There is still nothing worse than seeing a smug, 'I'm better than you' smile on my sister's or brother's face. It probably still is the thing that gets me angry the quickest. With all this at stake it really can bring out the greatest celebration moments. Moments where you totally lose it. Sod being a good sportsman and congratulating the efforts of the competitors. This is the time to enjoy your glory. This is the time to rub it in their faces. This is the time to show your victory dance!!

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  1. Um Mart, I don't think you ever won anything as a child - mainly because every game we tried to play had already been part destroyed by you the previous time we'd played, and I'd (inevitably) won.

    So, ner.