Friday, 6 February 2009

My first advert

It was bound to happen at some point but who would have thought it would involve sitting on WILL YOUNGS knee. Now if thats not funny enough, would you look at wills face on the still of the video below. I think I may have tickled his fancy.

A funny Will Young moment.

When I finally arrived on set to do my bit Mr Will Young Spotted me and immediately stopped the filming. "Sorry mr director" Said the xfactor winner. At this point the entire crew and cast look up.

"Eerrmm I did say that I didnt want anyone better looking than me on set"

Everyone paused.. They look at me then look at Will. Mass confusion is written on everyones face. All of a sudden Mr Young starts to laugh. "i'm joking"

Cheers nice one William.

I think most folk could have realised you are better looking without you stopping the proceedings and spelling it out.

I guess I oooze sex appeal and thats what got him worried.

Its not a wonder that the xfactor Gareth bloke was always so nervous and had a stutter. The poor lad probably spent half his time back stage in a Will Young headlock.

Out takes here.

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