Friday, 6 February 2009

Lets start at the very beginning.

Its a very good place to start.

So this is my first post. I'm kinda thinking that I'm going to keep this as a scrap book for all my memories. And if others like it and enjoy my thoughts, then so be it.

Its been just under a year since I packed up my utterly tedious job in sales to pursue my love for comedy. And what a brilliant year it has been too.

It all began when my good friend Spencer Jones,, finally convinced me to get my ass to an audition. Now many people had been trying to get me to do this but at the time my other true love for music was keeping me in Nottingham. (see


To cut a long story short I pulled a sicky at work, travelled down to London absolutely BRICKING it. Rocked into the audition only to find I was at the wrong building! They had given me a map with a huge red arrow on it!! But that wasn't actually the place I was meant to be going (SILLY ME!!)

After a few phone calls I finally got there, out of breath and a tad sweaty. I meet the director (Jonathan Rothery) We go downstairs to the audition room and it begins. Now I have no idea what to do in an audition at this point and being told to get rid of my chewing gum isnt the best start.

The rest is a bit of a blur. But whatever happened it worked. Myself and Spencer got the part and we were off for a three week tour across Europe. Our job was to ride around in an old-school orange VW camper van, whilst being filmed 24/7 on a mission to discover Europe's greatest new bands for Playstation's own tv show, Movement.

Not bad for a first audition. 100% audition success rate so far!

Heres a clip.

Hot to the power of five. Our top 20 Cyprus hit.

I think its still downloadable from the playstation website.

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