Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ask me some questions and i'll tell you some lies.

Here's one of those annoying but ever so slightly interesting questionnaire things. I thought I'd have a go. You simply have to list 25 facts or nots so fact things about yourself. Mine are mainly true.

1. I'm crying on the inside

2. When I was 14 I went swimming with my youth club, I was the only lad to still be wearing tiny swimming trunks. No one had told me that we had got to the shorts wearing age. I spent the entire time hiding in the water.

Finally I got out, went to my locker thinking the ordeal was over. Only to find that some chav had stolen my bag with all my clothes in it. This meant I had to stand under the hot shower to keep warm, whilst all my friends were now fully clothed and mocking my skimpy trunks

A couple of days later it was a story in my local paper. Thanks mum.

3. I really dislike theatrical people. they make me suck a nut.

4. Xfactor does make my hairs stand on end. Kate finds it hilarious.

5. I was a reviewer on channel fives kids show the mag. I had spikey hair and looked insane!

6. I cant drive and have no real desire to. Kate and her family think this is an area of ribbing. I tried a few lessons but got bored and started aiming the car into puddles. My lessons ended when the driving instructor made me turn my mix cd that I had done for the lesson off. No word of a lie. I got him to let me put some of my own tunes on.

7. I think cheese is genius!

8. I used to ask to go to the toilet in PE in jnr school to go and hide my class mates shoes. Not as a big joke but so that I could be the person who finds them later. I wanted to be known as a really good finder. Ooo yeah.

9. I fell 12ft out of a bar in thailand onto a log. Photobucket

10. I hate cards. They are a total waste of time and money. Although I do carry one card with me whenever I'm away on a job. its from my lovely wife and has lots of encouraging things in it.

11. I have never been in a fight. Though I do think I have a mean right punch.

12. When I was a kid I wanted to have the super power to freeze time. Mainly so that I could look at girls boobies. I guess I should have studied to be a doctor instead. Though a super power is probably more likely to happen for me.

13. I don't understand people who dont like music. People who say. I dont really have a taste in music. I guess I like a bit of pop. AHHHhhhhhhh these people to me are zombies.

14. I'm going bald and I fricking loath it. I think I would even prefer to be ginger.

15. I wish I moved to London sooner. though I do miss my band and friends up there. Oo and family. Nottingham is shite though.

16. I hate when people use the following words. Genius, Random, Like, No way, totally, check you out, Or when everything is sooo amazing. Get a grip.

17. I hate it when people go up at the end of there sentences so everything sounds like a question. EG: I saw timmy the other day and he was like hello? WHAT!!!!!!

18. I once tried to jump off our patio on my bmx stunt bike. But I failed and crashed. The only place of injury was a friction burn on my ball sack. It hurt for days. I guess its quite salty down there.

19. I wasnt bothered when our cat died. Even though I pretended to be and even made a lolly pop stick cross.

20. I once bit on a crunch corner and split my tooth in two.

21. I once had a dream that I donated the heel of my foot to a kid with a clef pallet. The surgeons removed my heel scooped out the extra bone bits and stuck it in the kids mouth.

22. I have just started a blog space And have realised how self obsessed I am. Who cares what i'm doing or thinking. I'm even spending 30 mins on this!!! Help!

23. My favourite thing in a home is lamps. I love a good bit of lighting.

24. I wish I was funnier.

25. I really do love appreciate my wife, friends and family. And consider myself very lucky to have so much ... one last fact that is officially the gayest sentence I have ever written. FACT!



  1. You didn't mention about your cat saying 'Bob Geldoff'